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Default Re: Worst beam in Super Metroid

> I found it immensely helpful, considering it acts like Screw
> Attack LONG before you aquire it when you charge and do a
> running jump. Of course, it doesn't do multiple jumps, but it works.

It's super weak -- it only kills things that would die from a single charged shot.

> I figure the most pointless beam in Super Metroid is Wave
> Beam.

Shoot through walls > *

Plus Wave beam adds a lot of power -- but wave beam by itself kind of sucks -- it works much better with the Spazer.

> At least until you get Spazer, which makes it alot better.

You get the Spazer WAAAAAAAAY before you get the Wave beam -- it's like on the way to Norfair -- whereas the Wave beam is well into Norfair.
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