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this girl i'm with...asked her out on february 24th, 2000. not because i wanted to, but because she wanted me to and she was a cute cheerleader.

it's always been a lying bitch since day 1...i know people exagerate and say that when they're angry...but trust's true.

i kept forgiving her and forgiving her...

last year, she ruined my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, new years....every single special day...i don't want to get into details...

since last summer, we've gotten into a fight every single day. that is not an exageration. this morning, she had a realization that she didn't want to be mean anymore...and she couldn't live without me...and she was going to put everything into changing and being nice.

had a bad night at the club..always do. she came towards the end. afterwards, i went outside with her and sat in the car...didn't say a word. i wanted 5 mins of relaxing quiet time before we went out to eat. she ditched me...slammed the car door really hard.

i sit there and listen to her and be there for her when she's having a bad day...hell, i sat and listened to her last night 20 mins...but god forbid me have a lousy day and want to relax and talk.

so here i am again...pissed off, her....on our 2 year anniversary.

i just dumped her a few minutes ago...again...on our 2 year anniversary.

and you know what, i don't give a fuck if you don't care. i don't give a fuck what you think...i'm getting things the hell with you and your pissy little problems. i should lock this.

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