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Hmmm, I'm not counting on it. Unless it is time-consuming for you with other things to look at, I'm willing to try anything. I appreciate any help.
In any result though the cheat would be cool to modify his size anytime.

Though in advance, reason I don't think that will work is, well in many parts of Grunty's lair, you can levitate to float through the ceiling and then outside to get around the walls. The top room however is unusually secure from this, and I imagine Rare apprehended tricks here more than just the individual secret items.

Wow, thinking back to that now I remember when I was 10 or so and I had my GameShark cart for the moon jump code to use with Banjo-Kazooie, I was exploring everywhere to use it and to see if I could get behind that particular door in the transformation room, mainly because that's the door Klungo comes out through, as seen in the cast list when Grunty's calling for him to rescue her from under the rock. Eight years later I know how important this door is.

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