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Originally Posted by Ugly Joe View Post
That doesn't make any sense. You enter into a EULA voluntarily (hence the "I Agree" button/checkbox). If you disagree with it, don't buy or use the product.
What if I take a half a minute to edit that dialog box so that the checkbox is checked by default (and maybe even hidden)? What if I switched the behavior of the I Agree and I Vehemently Disagree Screw You buttons? What if I set up my drinking bird, or form automater, to press "Y" for me? What if my font is configured such that the text in the EULA box is invisible, or my language is configured such that I can't read a word of it?
What if, more realistically, I just click the button that looks most like "OK" to get on with it?
I put to you that the fact that the software has registered my acceptance does not constitute signing a contract, that it is a step in installing software as arbitrary and non-legally-binding as having to enter A:\I_SELL_MY_SOUL_TO_BRODERBUND_OH_AND_SETUP.EXE

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