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Originally Posted by Triggs View Post

yes battletoads was stupid hard.
I like the snake level and that's about it. Everything else becomes an endless groundhog day of savestates.

Oh and as far as Ultima Exodus, i never had instructions or anything.
I didn't have an instruction book either. My cousin(s) owned the game and somehow I ended up with it (plus Ghosts 'n Goblins). You have to earn or steal, without being caught by guards, as much gold as you can carry, and you need to buy keys first for the good stuff. Then you advance to level 5 all at once (you can't go higher without the Mark of Kings) and wander around near the castle, away from any level 5 monsters, until you see a pirate ship to board, and then go into a whirlpool before having any more encounters since it's unlikely you'll survive many. And THEN you need to find the shrines and pay heaps of gold to increase your character statistics to the point where you can actually inflict decent weapon damage and cast useful spells. And you may find that your race selections, which at first seemed to affect nothing, limits your progress prematurely. It's absurd. There are probably other things you can purchase or find along the way which make the whole deal easier, but it's never clear what or where.

Air Fortress, that was nasty. I believe I inherited it from some up-the-street friend of mine, the same one from whom I acquired Solstice. A curious series of acquisitions, certainly.

Another sort of cheap challenge is found in Castlevania, in which if you die at the wrong point in level 5 it's almost impossible to win from where you're made to resume, and so must promptly dump your remaining lives and start the level over to have a chance. I hate that. Legend of the Mystical Goemon is even worse in that respect because of all the armor and restorative items which must be saved for and repurchased. I don't believe I ever even did that. For a single player, once you lose the first life you might as well turn the game off.

Originally Posted by kone191 View Post
I wanna be the guy
Based on just what I've typed in here, I'm probably not good enough for that, but pog knows I have to take whatever 2d hopfests I can get these days.
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