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I believe it's important to distinguish between real challenge and impossible, unapproachably obtuse rubbish. Most people who complained about Battletoads (I like to think there have been many) singled out level 3, but in actuality every step of everything after that point is bubbling over with cheap death, and rarely in the context of battle. Additionally, the implementation of "continue" was absolutely moronic in two player mode.
But then, to me, up until maybe 1993, almost every western developed console game in which lives were limited was near-impossible, if not totally. Even Plok, which I liked, I had to acknowledge I'd never be good enough for. At least, unlike an earlier draconian Software Creations game, Solstice, it allowed me to think I had a chance for a while. Imagine how astounded I was when Zophar had the nsm contest for Solstice and more than one person entered.

The NES version of Ghosts nuh Goblins had some bits of atrocious programming which unnaturally contributed to its already unreasonable demands, but at least it could be figured out and worked around. What was going on with "The Immortal?" I couldn't decode what that one wanted at all.
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