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YAY!!!! Good post! To make it better:
  • You should write the news, not simply copy it from the site.
  • Proper capitalization and spelling also help.

Snes9xGX, a SNES emulator for the Wii, has been updated to 002. This version now supports amongst other things, the classic and the nunchuck controllers.

Here's what's new on this version:
What's New 002
  • added: classic and nunchuk support
  • added: all controllers can now be configured
  • added: GC version (untested)
  • changed: mappings are no longer stored in SRAM, but in config file. This means no per-game configurations, but one global config per controller.
  • one makefile to make all versions. (thanks to snes9x143 SVN)
You can get more information and download it from our Snes9xGX page.

Thanks to Isaac C. over at for the news.
As you can see, I wrote the introduction to the newspost using a little of the changelog, still provided the changelog (for this version only, no need to post the older version changelogs like you did) and also I have formatted it a bit with the List tags. Capitalization is correct and you also made the little error of adding the version number (002) to the page's (or section) name. Also, when thanking \ crediting someone (you should also thank them, not just credit) you should write the reason you're thanking them. If an author provides you with news, you could say, Thanks to the author, XyZeD, for the news.

If someone disagrees with this, please post.
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