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Default Start at the bottom.

> Maybe I should move on from the 3 roms that I hack (SMB1,
> Pokemon Blue, and SMW) and make hacks of another ROM? And,
> do people ever hack for the PS1, N64, GC, PS2, etc?

People have been known to fiddle with PS1 games. Tile molestor can do graphcs from N64 games. Right now people are having a hard time extracting stuff from GC games.
Anything lower's fair game though.

Move on if you've mastered hacking 8-bit games. Once you can hack the s--t out of other NES games (i.e. kirby) and Master System games, move on to hacking sonci or so, there are communities around hacking the MD games.

I myself am currently hacking Sonic 1, Sonic 2, (for the genesis), Knuckles Chaotix (for the Sega 32X), and Dragon Ball Advance Adventure (GBA). make sure you start at the bottom though.

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