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Default Re: Post a pic of your car--if you have one.

> I'm thinking about doing the whole performance tuning thing
> for my car. No other reason than it seems like it would be
> fun.
> What can you tell me about that? (parts, mods, etc.)

The best upgrades you can do for the least amount of money are first get a cold air intake and then a ECU chip (computer performance chip). Then if you are still willing to spend some serious cash and make it real fast get; underdrive pulley's, cams, injectors/fuel rail, head, headers, and exhaust. You can turbo or supercharge it after the intake, computer chip, and injectors to get the most out of the turbo. Google some SR20DE recommended first mods from some experts and I'm sure the CAI (cold air intake) and ECU chip are tops on the list.

One thing that bugs me is the exhaust systems some of these ricers put on thier cars...3.5"+ sized exhaust piping/tips are UNNECCESSARY. A respectable 2.5" for non FI (forced induction AKA turbo/supercharager) natually aspirated motors or 3" for FI motors. And keep one thing in mind...the better an engine breathes both inhale and exhale the more "pure" power that will result. Don't just stuff the air filter behind the headlight exposed--this will suck in the warm/hot air from the engine bay. It's best to stuff it either in the driver's fender or lower towards the ground. Just add a splash guard to prevent any water from getting in the intake and causing a hydrolock. I never tuned my SR20DE mainly because I did not have the money--but I believe it to be one of the best motors to tune that won't cost an arm and a leg to get some seriously good results. I knew a local guy here in my hometown who DID upgrade his '98 200SX SE-R with about $3000 worth of performance parts and it was wickedly fast. I saw him leave WS6 Trans-Ams and Camaro SS' in the dust--with these cars only having intakes and exhaust done.

My last bit of advice is patience. If your funds are tight it will take a while to get a real fast car--BUT with $1500 your car can get quite fast. I'd love to see a fast as shit NX2000. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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