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I haven't dealt with 16x8 or 16x16 fonts much, but the one game I'm working on that utilizes a 16x16 font doesn't store the text any differently than if it were an 8x8 font. One byte still equaled one font character, with a table somewhere else in the ROM presumably telling the game which tiles corresponded with which values.

It's unlikely that the game would treat the top and bottom rows of the characters as separate objects, though nothing is impossible. If anything, it might use 2byte values (ie. 2021=A, 2022=B, etc) My suggestion would be to try a basic relative search. If that doesn't uncover anything, then try a second search using wildcards between each value, in case the game does use 2 byte values.

Do the lists you said you found use a different font than the dialogue text?
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