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Originally Posted by puduhead View Post
It's very true. I sympathize with the general frustration in this attempt to understand a complex social topic. The younger generation is more adept at comprehending things like this. Age and the culture of which you were raised develops your formative rationale and can be a huge obstacle in understanding present evolution.

I've observed that for older generations, some things are just painfully difficult to comprehend, like incompatible software. And personally, having finally accepted that i'm no longer the youth generation, i can see myself slowly slipping into a new level of misunderstanding on today's relevant changes.

It may not always make sense to my logic, but every new generation becomes the tide society rides. The enthusiasm and quest for new ideas and meaning. It can be very fascinating and exhilarating, albeit, harder to understand for the previous age.

Oh yeah I wasn't mad BTW. I was confused though a bit. Like you said I did find it hard to understand. I like my generation can't categorize the word feel. It has no specific meaning to add to a logical conclusion. I like others over that are over 40 have the problem and privilege of having our hormones slow down/lessen. It does 2 things though, we slow down a bit and we are not controlled by our emotions to such a point and I have had a really high testosterone level for most of my adult life without the anger so it is nice to be more relaxed though I can think very quickly I still find it hard to find the words or how to phrase them the way I intended.
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