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So if I'm not so intelligent as you call it then maybe I'm not here to post intelligent "boring stuff" and want to just have a good time. I'm really though to old to give a fuck what a 64 post newbee here like yourself thinks. BTW if you didn't know I was a Moderator here for years and have seen trolls like you come and go so take your race/close minded card and shove it up your ass.

On another note I was dating black girls back in '82 in Jersey and to tell you the truth we sure turned a few heads back then considering it was still considered taboo back then by many. So I've taken shit from racist for being color blind so unlike today I actually got told it wasn't right me dating a black girl. That statement was made by "drum roll please" A black man though I heard many snickers and was laughed at by white guys and my own father for doing it. Still want to call me racist?
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