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Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
I still can't get over the fact that N64 is ''oldschool''...

Well, have fun with all that, though all you really needed to buy was the 64 and Starfox64, because it kicks monkey ass.
Sorry I know this thread got bumped and now a late reply:

I know what you mean. N64 was a system I had to 'get used to' for being new school when I got one. I recently bought a used Dreamcast <3 and the clerk was like: "that must be old i've never heard of it."

To further delineate, my DC completes me. The achievements in Emulation and Homebrew since the last time I owned one are incredible. I made a special gaming kiosk just for it. Use it as a media player with the fabulous DC Playa Beta 2.0. & VCDs. near-perfect NES. Neo-Geo CD coming along very nicely! and just lots of great games (playing through Grandia II again now).
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