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Default Re: I wanted some NES data files. Can anyone post them?

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Ah, I mean:
A file that has some "address" and values of it.
I found SMB3 data file now.

These are what I wanted:
$BD = Direction and speed of Mario. 00-7F is moving right, 80-FF (FF is slowest) is moving left.
$CF = Direction and speed of Mario verticlaly. 00-7F is moving down, 80-FF (FF is slowest)

$ED = Current Power Up

And some info about values:
00 = Nothing
01 = Mushroom
02 = Fire Flower
03 = Leaf
04 = Frog Suit
05 = Tanooki Suit
06 = Hammer Bros. Suit
07 = Jugem's Cloud
08 = P-Wing
09 = Starman
0A = Anchor
0B = Hammer
0C = Whistle
0D = Music Box

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