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Okay then guess I'll add it to the list of projects I plan on doing I've got some free time after I graduate, Oh yeah totally forgot to mention the game I wanted to translate it's actually the one of only two Full Metal Alchemist Gba games. Sadly only released in Japan so unless you have a page of the translated Dialog right next to the game or know Japanese lol you're not gonna get far. Was thinking It'd be awesome if it was ever translated and since no one has done it (as far as I know that is) plus the fact I'm a FullMetal Alchemist fan I thought I'd give it a go. I do plan on learning Coding in the future so I guess this and some of the other projects I had in mind would help push me to learn it more, and yeah who knows if I get translations done I may be able to do something with it. Oh yeah I found this eBook for rom hacking lol its funny wouldn't have expected to find something along those lines, it has the basics so I guess I could use it as a sort of basis to start the translation process, hopefully it ends up being a good read and not some garbage (when half the time thats the case).

Anyway thanks for the responses guys, I'll keep in touch with any progress that I come up with.

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