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I am. drunk now. Hell, i can never post in good grammar. I came from an education system where creativity was valued over proper writing skills. At last that was the belief when i was going through elementary school. Made secondary school hell. What a crock of feces.

I have a bitch of a time. Independent clauses - what the heck are those! Feces, even in school, i asked for help once and did not get it. I want to write better!! No, i cannot help you.


Funny, what you remember when you are drunk!.

Actually, I was once published in the Toronto Sun as a letter to the editor bitching about the Canadian education system. I was drunk, dead tired, and i wrote a letter with the most atrocious grammar - unintentionally. I had to laugh. They withheld my name because it was so bad.

Ah, rye and coke. What a great drink on a Friday night. Beer, even better, but it does not agree with me.
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