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The price point is a bit high (why i haven't ordered it yet). But its not a corporate production with outsourced assembly so its to be expected.

I'm enticed by it because its so much more than an average hand held. Running on an adapted version of Linux means things are fairly easy to port so long as the hardware will support it. Example: ScummVM port comes out at the same time as all the other derivatives (and with full touch screen support! Sexy).

With full size USB port on the back, virtually any USB device supported by Linux is an option.

So compact (about the size of a 3DS) and just so geek. I don't know for you, but half of the fun I have with computing and running software is the thrill of setting up and configuring. Other handhelds are geared more towards the standard consumer experience (besides the jail breaking). That's good for making money with a low common denominator, but for people that like to get into the technicals - this is good. Very good.

I think its the antithesis to the stand-alone console you have to mod/jail-break for additional software options or a smart-phone that you're corralled into buying apps for at the app store. Not saying the process of paying for software breaks the experience, but rather, it often results in different offerings. Like to see an excellent DOS port of a game like Descent run on this beast - That's a unique handheld console-computer gaming experience. The product is in a category of its own.

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