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Name: Mr. T Ate My Balls
Hack of: Willow (NES)
Author: k0k0
Description: Mr. T has gone crazy and you have tried to stop him. He took your balls...eating one and holding the second. You must get your balls back and save the people from the evil Mr. T.

(hack of story, all enemies, characters, items, and some scenery)

Another "Adult" hack with naughty words put into ever sentence as well as naked sprites.

I will go out of my way though to say this hack is more original than the generic Adult Hacks, which are all about "LOL PENISES LOL F*** LOL HITLER LOL POT LOL SPERM LOL DEATH!!!!", but I still can't let this one in, besides everything is basically the same except the graphics and text. It'll make a good addition at the Joke hack site though.
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