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Well koko I won't hold it against you if porn hacks are your thing. Thanks for being more mature about the situation than your little friend did.

Name: Sonic Legacy
Author: Bobesh8
Description: Sonic Legacy is a Sonic the Hedgehog hack created by Bobesh8, the leader of Team Legacy. It was originally planned to be just a simple palette and layout hack, but eventually Bobesh8 wanted to make the hack a team effort. As of now the team consists only of a few members, but Bobesh8 wants to expand it and get a group together in an effort to make something different than most Sonic hacks.

Sounds promising isn't it? Well I was dissapointed because it failed two rules in the agreement.

First off, this is a ROM. I'm working on trying to find a solution to remove that submiting option since I can't remove it myself for some reason.

Secondly, these levels are blatant level edits with barely anything edited. The most noticable thing I found was that the pallet was changed. If I want to play Sonic 1 levels, I'll play Sonic 1. See for yourself.

If you want to see more of how similar this hack is to the original game, click here.

When you come back with your own levels (not minor modifications of the old levels, but levels you built yourself.) and an IPS patch, I'll accept it. If theres anything I missed, let me know. Good luck.

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