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Default FFDSHOW and Winamp DSP plug-ins

Ok, so I watch video with FFDSHOW (a player called Zoom Player if you are wondering), and I've been using this Winamp plug-in that improves sound called DFX. Now, I've used it for a good while with FFDshow and it's uh...Winamp simulation or whatever that lets it use DSP plug-ins that Winamp can use. Suddenly it isn't working. I don't understand this. It's making the player hang on exit, does it with any player using Directshow (and thus FFdshow).

I've tried a different version of FFdshow, still does it. I've decided to just not use it as FFdshow's built in equalizer sounds better than I remember, but it really irritates me. If anybody has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.
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