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Default Re: Need help with ASM

Many thanks for your help! I have to try and figure it out unhurried ^_^´ ...Rom hacking is a completely new world But I absolutely want to learn a piece and your tutorial is great and simply written

The reason I ask is because I'm co-webmaster of the <a href=>BS-Zelda Homepage</a>.
There are 2 BS Zelda games, BS Zelda Map 1 and Ancient Stone Tablets. Until now we heard only rumors that there was also a Map 2... and amazingly, three weeks ago a dump of Map 2 was found in Japan. Map 2 is compareable to the 2nd Quest of the normal LoZ, NES. With this game as reference we now know what the buggy Ghoma in Dungeon 8 must have been.

In the past 2 "hacker legends" helped us to make the game playable, the first one was Roto who hacked the game in an awesome manner, he added a triforce related week change, sound, title screen and many other things. The 2nd one was Dreamer_Nom who added a menu to choose characters and made some more hacks, like replacing that buggy Ghoma with Aquamentus (we didn't know it better that time).

Unfortunately it seems to be our destiny that great hackers appear, making a hell of a job for us and were never seen again
Along with his ips Dreamer_Nom left those notes I posted including what he did (<a href=>full notes</a>).
Map 2 is quite similar to Map1 (you can even load zsnes savestates from Map 1 into it), and also most patches work for it (but unfortunately not <a href=>Roto's</a>).
I'm not a hacker but I was therefore thinking that I may simply copy the hex from Map 2 and paste it into the Map 1 if I only find the correct alignment... that's in any case my plan and why I need to understand these notes...

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