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Default Re: Need help with ASM

First, you want to get Address.</a> Then get help file.</a>

That first thing will let you convert the SNES addresses like, "C2:0923," into PC addresses like you'd use in a hex editor. The help file has a list of opcodes and addressing modes that the 658c16 uses, very helpful.

I personally find doing ASM, plain, in hex, it's easier and simpler; though you'll probably want an assembler tool to start off with, at least. Try</a>. If you like that one, you may want to try out's frontend for it.</a>

You may also want a dis-assembler (These intrepret hex into ASM, put in the address where you want it to start, and where you want it to finish.); for simplicity, go for the one included in's SNES9x debugger</a>, for functionality, use Math on Napkins's dissassembler; good luck finding that one... ^_^

As for actually using the knowledge or tools here, you should ask more specific things...
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