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Default Re: You guys ever hacked FF4 for Wonderswan?

Hum, lets see changes to Cecil are negligable, his arms are the same colour as his armor, unlike the original which used his face colour, and the spikes on his helmet were moved to the side. Both the ledges and water tiles use better less contrasting palette(tiles may or may not have been redrawn) Rockwalling has been redrawn but seems to be useing extra tiles (even if I try to cut them and install them in the original you get more titles then before). This means it isn't just a simple hack the new tiles into FF4 on the SNES because you can only have the same number of tiles you started with. The original used about 35 title for the same scene(not counting animation) and one 16 colour palete(yes the walling ground and water are all one).
I think colour depth and title number would be out of the question here for the SNES version. Although the walling tiles do look abit better. Some one could try however I think the end resaults won't look that great as the pallets would be screwy, and some object have been changed so you'd have edit the map the fix it.

look at the original

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