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Default Re: You guys ever hacked FF4 for Wonderswan?

> I got the rom if you need it.

I can get it myself. You shouldn't be offering it here either, I believe it's against rule #1.

> The sound for it is horrid since Wonderswan is worse than

Didn't sound too horrible to me. Which emulator did you use?

> Can someone rip all the remade sprites in the game and
> switch it with the sprites in the SNES version? The
> emulaters for SNES are way better, and plus theres the
> music..

The SNES may not have enough colours to do it. I don't know exactly since I'm not a hacker, but there may be some quality loss.

> The Wonderswan game is also so buggy...

Well the game isn't buggy, your emulator might be. Which one it is? OSwan has awful sound unless it's the newer, unofficial version. I know WSCamp has some bugs.

Edit: I see what you mean. Square really are masters of sound. OSwan is buggier than I remember too, what did they do to double size mode to screw it up so much?

As for FF4, those 'mode 7' graphics the WonderSwan tries to do looks plain weird. Also, the palette looks a little brighter than what the SNES usually uses. Should be interesting should someone choose to take it on.

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