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Thanks for the feedback.

For the 2nd task, you would still have the towns, but for example when you go into one of the lairs where you fight bosses or whatever, that is where you will use the machines. It isn't the whole game. It's like zelda, when link goes into one of the temples, then the machines will be useable. Not that that changes your

I've seen some cinematics: Dragon Warrior has one in the beginning, FF2j somewhat.

As for adding, I read somewhere there are 16 memory areas or something and FF1 uses 14 of them? Not sure what that means...

But yeah I'll check out game maker might be a little more structured.

Another question though: If I went ahead and made a nes game from scratch, would it be possible to learn how to make a game by romhacking? Like, if someone had the basics down, could they romhack SMB1, study that somehow, and then make a replica of SMB1?
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