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Default WinArcadia and AmiArcadia v13.05

A new release of these Arcadia 2001 emulators for Windows and Amiga is available. These are the changes:

13.05 [AmigaOS 3.5+][Windows]: Mon 1 Mar 2010.
  • Support for the Dutch language.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
  • wa: localized italian "redefine gamepad buttons..." in menus.
  • wa: realigned gadgets in "redefine gamepad buttons" subwindow.
  • chaos: fixed: it wasn't autosaving on exit.
  • chaos: fixed: when "log bios calls?" was on, it was calling T1/T2 needlessly.
  • aa: fixed: it wasn't closing the logfile when quitting.
  • aa: changed colour of cd2650 images and icons to match wa.
  • wa: fixed: there were 2 users of the Alt,O,S,A shortcut, and 2 users of the Alt,O,M,E shortcut.
  • wa: documented all the Alt,A,B,C-style shortcuts in the manual.
  • added support for the Dutch language.
  • removed deprecated strings from catalogs.
Get them at the author's website. They'll be later available in ZD, Windows version here and the Amiga version here

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