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Default PCSX2 rev 1736

PCSX2 has been updated with a new official beta. This is likely to be the last beta before the new GUI is in a usable state. Changes include:
  • MicroVU is near finished, complete with RegAlloc for a nice speedup
  • MicroVU now also does VU0 macro operations (COP2)
  • New Iso loader that's built into the emulator
  • Various code cleanups that were long overdue
  • Various fixes overall
  • GSdx: Changes to usability, some upscaling fixes, less crashes when handling minimizing, etc
  • SPU2-X: Changes to the speaker extension (5.1 output should work better)
This is definitely the best version of the emulator yet. You can get it over on the PCSX2 Official Site, or here on ZD. You can find the Windows version here, and the Linux version here.

Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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