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Oh yeah, the Direct2d is working now (had to update to a dev version of Adblock Plus since evidently the current non-beta version fubared something up). Seemed to work perfectly on the Flash video on YouTube, though that seemed to be working much better even before Direct2d. Have to test Netflix still (had to spoof my useragent string to get it's player to come up >_>).

(info on enabled Direct2d here)

EDIT: Netflix seems worse actually, doesn't seem to matter if Direct2d is enabled or not. Maybe it's something to do with Silverlight (since Netflix's Player runs on it). It could be it just doesn't work as well with Firefox, since it seems to work fine with IE.

Maybe IEtab is a workaround for this? Probably won't try it right now though.


I think I settled on using Windows Media Center for Netflix for now (don't want to use it for anything else though). I was also thinking that it could be the Netflix player itself not working as well on Firefox rather than Silverlight itself. Hopefully whatever the problem is gets fixed up.
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