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Default bsnes v0.049

A new release of this multi-platform SNES emulator is available.
  • Optimized S-PPU emulation, provides a ~10-15% speedup in normal games
  • Cleaned up cheat editor user interface
  • Added save state and export data path selections
  • Added workaround for a strange issue that caused PAL games to run at 60 fps sometimes
  • Fixed sprite caching issue; fixes SD F-1 Grand Prix
  • Fixed PPUcounter reset issue; fixes Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai [Jonas Quinn]
  • Fixed scaling on scanline, Scale2x, LQ2x and HQ2x on hires and interlace screens
  • Fixed sizeof(bool) serialization issue for PowerPC architecture [Richard Bannister]
  • Fixed cheat code sort ordering
  • Fixed a bug with centering in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed an audio pitch bug when changing frequency
  • Fixed a volume adjust bug when frequency was exactly 32000hz
  • Fixed X-video RGB rendering bugs [thanks to tukuyomi for testing]
  • Fixed a file open dialog issue on Linux when using QGtkStyle [jensbw]
  • Fixed a memory corruption issue involving QApplication::main() [giovannibajo]
  • Added a preliminary debugger (disabled in binary releases due to associated speed hit)
  • Added S-CPU and S-SMP stepping and tracing support
  • Added read/write/execute breakpoint support
  • Added memory editor (currently it can only view memory)
  • Various code cleanup work, as usual (note: the debugger code is messy, as it is in-progress)
Download it at the author's website. Windows version will be available here later and the source code for Linux users will be available here.
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