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Thanks Reaperman for the link. I'll buy a USB Adapter soon. The computer that my grandson is using is about a 850 MHZ PC with 256 mb ram. He has xp home I think (don't remember checking) with service pack 3. It is nothing fancy and isn't even a decent gaming computer. A friend of his loaded Virtual NES with lots of what look like DOS games (win32 game programs) and the PS2 Emulator.

My two home computers are 1.8 GHZ (512 mb ram) and 1.7 ghz (256 mb ram) both with XP pro. One has service pack 2 and the other doesn't. I haven't downloaded either the Virtual NES or the PS2 Emulator. I don't know if I want to yet.

Thanks for your superb assistance!!!

Thank you Inverse for your reply!!!
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