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For some reason... your rather incoherent post made my brain hurt.

I'll try to tackle each issue in the order in which I read. hm, ok, you want to use a controller. I don't know how old your PC is (I'm going to assume modern, since you are attempting to run a PS2 emulator on it). From what I'm trying to understand from your post, you are attempting to plug a good ol fashioned PS2/NES controller to your PC, and you think that there's a PCI solution for that. Well to put it simply, there isn't. If you are really hell bent on using the original controller, you'll need a usb adapter for the PS2 controller (example. I have two, they work pretty nice) and for the NES, look here.

ok, now for PS2 emulation and loading games on there. Before I help you with that, I'd like to know your PC specs so that I can tell you if it's even feasible to do on your machine. Just so you know I run a quad core 2 at 3GHz and I own a GTX 280 and even I wasn't able to get FFX up to snuff (then again, FFX, like most squeenix games, is a bitch to emulate).
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