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Default FCEUX question

I'm runing 2.1.0 in case this matters, it shouldn't tho.
So I'm trying to hack a rom, and I come across this in my emulator, I figure it can help alot of it does like I think, but.. well.. Anyhow, I should get to the point.

My question is this: what the hell is the "text hooker" (under tools menu), and what does it do EXACTLY?
See, I thought with a name like text hooker, it would hook onto whatever text I selected, and either tell me the hex address of it, lemme change the goddamn text, or SOMETHING, but I can't figure out how to use the stupid thing, and I want to change the text in a ROM I'm working on hacking.
can anybody please help?

thing I'm trying to edit: FF opening screen text
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