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Originally Posted by wolf_the_wiccan View Post
Greeting all, I am new to emulators and roms and am curious to see if anyone would grant me the favor of listing what programs I need to hunt down to obtain a full library of correct and working NES roms. I am currently using NEStopia for an emulator and have a decent supply of ROMs, just nowhere near the amount that I actually had physical cartridge copies of.

I am looking for...
1.any better Emu than Nestopia?
2.any quick, complete ROM downloads?
3.most importantly, what tool should I get to fix/maintain my ROMs?

Thanks in advance for an suggestions!
1: nestopia is one of the very best, but if you must, there is also fceux-2.1 which actually lets you force game genie codes into the ROM itself so they're permanant (that is if you plan on using a specific cheat forever whenever you play a game).

That link leads to a search in GOOGLE.COM for "NES ROMS", I think that's the best you're going to get, considering that requesting links to roms, or roms themselfs, is against the rules. google for it, there's lots of rom sites, plus torrents that have tons of roms in them. When searching for something, it's best to use a SEARCH ENGINE, and not an EMULATOR/TOOL SITE where it's against the rules to ask.
After all, there's no rule against using google to look for anything. What you do afterwards is up to you.

3: ...fix? ...maintain? ..your roms?
do you even know what a ROM is? a ROM is a datafile, usually *.NES if it's an NES rom. It's like a program or a picture, you download it, it's not a physical object. Granted it was originally ripped out of a physical object (cart game), but now it's like a jpeg or something, you just need the proper program to view and play it, and there you go. You should never need to "fix" or "maintain" your roms this way. Do you fix or maintain an image you download off an art site? Nope.
If your rom is corrupted or outright broken, download a better working copy and delete the original.

Welcome to Zophar's Message Board by the way, if I was you, I'd read them links the admins posted before replying further.
That is, if you wish to continue posting, and not get the wrath of the BAN HAMMER upon you from one of them lol.

PS: there's reason there's "sticky" topics, it's like a sign in the front yard with a warning symbol on it, you should really read the text before progressing.
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