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Default Re: It's a good idea

> I agree that society plays a huge role in upbringing, sadly
> there's no denying that. The parents responsibility,
> however, is making sure things don't get out of hand, and
> pay close attention to their kids and show them that they
> are there for them. Not to mention teach them the rules and
> boundaries that is required for a young mind.

Some parents are just too ignorant to realize the signs. Like my parents, for example. I've taken all sorts of drugs, and they never knew I was a druggie for a while. I cleaned up my act, but I still take Ex and dope.

But anyway, I like your thinking. You can sure dish our the points when you need to

In any case, it is very sad that our peers raise most of us, and they set an example for us. But for the parents to have a good effect on how you will be in the future, they gotta start young. I know very few people who idolize their parents, and it's because they all come from shitty neighbourhoods and families who don't really care about them.

We all wish we could live in a perfect world...But we don't. We sit here with our TV's, our houses, our good lives, and we take it for granted. Nobody else in the world asks for things to get better, and don't expect it to.

Anyways, I'm rambling. I hope the best for your dad, I have a grandpa who is an alcoholic too, and he doesn't have many years left...
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