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You seem to be biased towards it being the parents fault.
Although that is part of the problem, it is not the parents
who raise their children anymore. It is society. Look
around you. What did you learn from your dad that you
didn't learn from your peers?


I learned too many things to even begin listing, some of my behavioral pattern and resentment towards alcohol comes from my dad whether I like it or not. You learn much more from your parents than you realize yourself, because they are usually paragon rolemodels for good or bad (my dad's an alcoholic, I didn't drink until I was 22).
I agree that society plays a huge role in upbringing, sadly there's no denying that. The parents responsibility, however, is making sure things don't get out of hand, and pay close attention to their kids and show them that they are there for them. Not to mention teach them the rules and boundaries that is required for a young mind.

If your child begins showing violent tendencies towards others (playing violent video games or not), you lecture them that it's wrong. If you somehow let their authority figure become a video game (or anything else, however rare such an event is), then you have failed as a parent and the blame lies solely in your hands.
However much society affects children, it only means that it makes parenting more difficult. They are the final arbiter, the alpha and omega, Gods of the household; nothing should challenge that lest they fail their duty and raise Bobo Bobobo the clown.
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