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> I know that is a bad question but is it as easy as just
> going out there and doing it?

Advertising is everything. Professionalism is everything.

Get in the papers and get in the phone book.

Wear nice looking clothes...polo and khakis. Look professional.

Print color invoices which describe the problem, your recommended action, and what you actually did. Get some post-it note stick on glue and put a piece of carbon paper under that with a black and white version of the same invoice so you can retain a copy.

Have a friendly name. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who called me based solely on my name and logo.

Get back to people quickly. ALWAYS answer the phone. Have your home phone simultaneously ring your cell phone. Give people 2 numbers, address and email...they feel more comfortable.

BACK UP THEIR DATA BEFORE YOU WORK. Take an image of the drive or copy it over. There has been more than 1 occasion that I forget to restore something and had to refer to the backup.

Charge something reasonable. I'm $50/hr ($40/hr for 55+ people), which is the going rate for this area...anywhere between like $40-75. If you're in downtown LA or NYC then I'm sure you can get significantly more.

PM me for more info. I do this.
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