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For those interested, Here's how it went down when I confronted him about it in December of '08:

Originally Posted by Reaper man
For fuck sake will you take down already? All it's doing is causing confusion amongst people who visit the site. ZD has had a long standing "No ROMs" policy, and this is completely contradictory. If you want to keep it so bad, throw the server on a new domain so that it can be completely unaffiliated. Also, if you don't care that there's rom discussion/begging, fine. Let me know, and I'll remove the rule and make a sticky showing places to get roms. Be warned though, that doing that can put you in legal trouble (unlikely) and/or give you less advertising freedom. In any case, we need a solid answer from you, since you are the site owner
Originally Posted by Edman
The No ROMs policy should stand as it always has. As for the ROMs site, the roms have actually been offline for almost 2 months now, but traffic from Google is up so Iím probably gonna bring them back. I am going to move the ROMs site off to different domain, but be aware, unlike the ROMs site, which is full of ads, isnít breaking even. The server costs more than the ads bring in Ė its nonsensical, as traffic is up, but income is down. In effect right now the ROMs site is ďsubsidizingĒ the main site. So there is going to have to be some switching around of servers and ads if the ROMs site is not a part of, as I canít afford a site thatís not covering its server costs (and I have certain pressure from the other owner as well).
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