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Lightbulb My first hack of Castlevania 1 & 3 (NES): Scenery Hacks.

This is my very first ROM hacks. They have complete changes of graphics and major changes in levels.
I hope everyone will like it.
Visit my SkyDrive for downloads and updates.
(CV3 Scenery Hacks)
(CV Winter)
(CV Scenery Hacks)
(CV3 Dark Hack)
(CV3 Winter Hack)
(CV Dark Hack 1)
(CV Dark Hack 2)
(For all ROM hacks, perform patching to the USA or Konami Classics versions only)
Reply or send me an e-mail (the address can be found in the title screens) if you want any changes for next versions or if there is an error. Also share your feelings with e-mail

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