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I'm going to take at least partial credit for this, what with contacting several of the publishers and, when applicable, the ESA with information about the pirated games. I even provided the information in the form of pre-formatted ESA takedown notices. I CC:ed the host on all of those messages.

I also contacted the advertising provider, asking why they were funding software piracy, as well as contacting the individual companies being advertised with evidence that they were paying the publisher to advertise their product on a software piracy site. Wendy's wasn't too happy to discover that their products were being advertised on such sites.

The hosting company replied to me at one point stating that they had no evidence that any of the software was illegal. I pointed out that the front page explicitly stated that it was illegal to distribute the provided files. They stated that they would remove any files that video game companies filed a complaint against yet were (even previous to that) automatically deleting every file I CC:ed them about.

For the record, I'm not opposed to software piracy. What I have a problem with is turning a profit via software piracy. As for Zophar's ROMs having a "good run", there are much better ROM sites that were founded many years before Zophar's ROMs and they're still in existence. But if you're downloading ROMs via the web, you're doing it wrong.
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