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Default Re: Salvia - Hold onto your ass

you're all retarded and wrong.

simply doing drugs doesn't make you retarded, not doing drugs doesn't make you a "goody". it's your attitude and how you let it effect your life that matters.

if doing drugs gets in the way of your life then yes, you're retarded, if it doesn't then no, you're not retarded. if i reach the goals i set for myself, live a sucessful like, then i'll be fucked if someone tells me i'm a bad person or less intelligent for smoking a joint. it's just like anything else in life, if you let it control you, if you let it substantially get in the way of your goals when it shouldn't, and you can't stop doing it, it's a problem, whether that's spending beyond your means, not being responsible at work, or whatever other event you can think of that i can;t

if you don't want to do drugs then don't, but it's kinda lame to look down on people who do, and probably not without arrogance.

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