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I genuinely feel you would have a lot better luck asking for help at a genesis specific forum like maybe sprites mind, or the sonic forums, or of course RHDN, but I think I'll touch on a few points here:

1) if it supports it, sure I suppose. Are you asking about the offset for where the title screen mappings are located in the ROM? If so what I would probably do is find an emulator that can spit out the VDP registers, figure out which layer the title screen is on, what address it's set to in VRAM, dump the ram, select a section of the data in the vram and do a search for those values in ROM. If you're lucky it'll be stored uncompressed in the ROM, maybe.

2) I wouldn't recommend that. Unless it has some sort of "universal genesis game" feature that I'm unaware of, those tools are tailored to the games they are designed for only. As for the palette, if you are able to dump the palette ram, you may have luck looking for that in the ROM too.

3) Genesis tiles are limited to 4bbp so each tile itself is limited to a 16 color palette. The VDP can only store 4 palettes at one time, which limits you to 64 colors at once. Of course there are ways around this, but that would require extensive assembly hacking to pull off.

The rest honestly I can't really answer due to me not really knowing anything about SoR2 to offer any helpful input, but if you're trying to paste machine code, you may want to just post the disassembly instead so we have a better understanding of what you're talking about.

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