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Talking Update

Well, that was an interesting experiment.

I changed "King" to "Butler" and "monster" to "alien", stuck 00's between them to separate them, and made sure the girl was talking about monsters/aliens.

I then played the game.

The King is now the Butler, and does things in the name of the Butler, and asks me to save the Butlerdom (a bit I knew was coming).

The girl says her line, then the second line of her text starts shifting through all the code of the game from "aliens" onward, interpreting it as text code. All the extra words in the dictionary, then various symbols and those funny blocks. One line displayed, then overwritten with another line, infinite loop until something I'm sure would go horribly wrong, so I stopped it.

I take it the pointers is something I must now embrace (unless I decide to limit myself to words only as long as those already there).

Next thing I'm thinking of trying, though, is the use of dictionary elements within dictionary elements. I mean, if I can define "ut" and "er" before I go defining "King" as "Butler" then I might still be able to make a four-letter definition....

ETA: I made a switch that left "aliens" fine yet left "King" one letter bigger than normal. It stopped the "overwriting text" error but I don't know if this will have other errors.

The thing is, the dictionary used to be this: King 00 00 monster

I had changed it to this: Butler 00 alien

Now I've changed it to this: Butle 00 alien 00

So... I guess the game has problems if it meant to point to a string but ends up pointing at a 00. I'm assuming from that Pointers guide that this means "Sequential Pointers" (the kind you say to run away from) but that's just a hunch from the behavior of the game.

Anyway, as regards the Pointers guide: What to change if it's not NES? Do I still account for a header, and if so, of the same size? Do the pointer addresses work in the same fashion as the NES ones? Or are we back to "experiment until you stop messing things up"? (I'm not against that, but information is usually a plus.)

ETA: Wow. This has got to be the coolest first choice in hacking projects EVAR.

'Cuz apparently the pointers are the hex values, no tinkering needed.

And they're like five lines above the dictionary anyway.

I am so hyped.
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