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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
(Can you tell that I'm extremely tired at this point? ...for some reason I'm more exhausted than usual, so forgive the rambling (I realize that a good 90% of this post is going to be completely useless.... (Note: Even when I'm exhausted, my grammar is still near perfect and I can properly close triple nested parentheses! Also, when I get tired, I tend to amuse myself by talking to myself in msgboard posts that are actually directed at someone else.

Also, I think it's been over an hour since I started typing this reply.)
I sense a kindred spirit XD

Okay... where exactly are you seeing these "dictionary" entries used? I tried using D0 (which, according to your table is the value of 'King') at a random point in the introduction but all I got were a couple of boxes.

I thought maybe they only worked in the dialogue. So I started the game up and named my character and got to the king and the first bit of dialogue, but searching in the ROM using your table, I can't seem to locate any of that dialogue. (And for a further test, I exited the castle and spoke to someone in the town, but wasn't able to find their dialogue, either.)
000F 4800, which starts with "You do not have a conquest marker" - what the guards say if you talk with them right after exiting the King's throne room (the moment you first get control of your character).

The guys I've been using to test my table are: the little girl running around (000F 67F0; she says they can't play on the hill anymore since monsters moved in), the kids' mother (000F 6420; she says pretty much the same thing), and the guards (000F 4800). They're right next to where you start.

Note: I've located things said in the throne room, and IIRC that included the intro of the King going "Yeah, okay, you can be an adventurer, get to it" (not in those words, of course), but I don't think I've located the game's intro, where it says stuff about your father Kanan and how you want to follow in his footsteps and whatnot. Since that's put in the middle of the screen instead of in a dialogue box, it might be a different font or table (etc.), so I haven't been too worried about finding it (yet).

What we have is MTE. So... somewhere in the ROM is a table of those MTE values. What you want to do is take a fairly unique entry from your list of MTE variables (in your case, I'd recommend going with your first entry, 'King') and do a search for it in the ROM. Just do a basic text search (with your table loaded) for the word King. Nothing fancy about it at all, just the word King. In the case of your chosen game, I'm pretty sure you're going to recognize something familiar about the very first result.
I got this, at 0000 EFD0:

King monster the and you have a to ing ill an in on is er re ou st th he me en ed be e t s d y I the

Oddly enough, that looks like all the multi-character values I have on my chart. So I think we found the right spot.

Question is, what to do with it? Hmm hmm hmm.

Pattern-wise, I see that they've put the letters up, together with any spaces, between 00's. That... doesn't tell me much.

Should I be scanning through it with Tile Molester now, or is there more code stuff to be done first?

(And, now that I think of it, maybe the document I'm thinking of never actually existed, maybe that was just an IRC conversation or messageboard post I read 10 years ago and just retconned it into being an actual tutorial.)
Did I tell you I sensed a kindred spirit?

EDIT: I just found this, seconds after I made my last reply:

The intro: 0001 A030, starting "For ages, the crown has been held". Done entirely in single-letter text, without any of the MTE's, apparently. Followed shortly by "Astina joined" then "Elrad" and "Midi" and then the names of several enemies (Bugbear, Goblin, etc.). A quick search also turns up "Elrad joined" and "Midi joined" in different spots.

Oh, also found 0001 F4A0, where the tables of character titles and spells are stored.

Also, Reaper man, I have to apologize. I made the same mistake with you that I just almost made with InVerse here:

You say "do a search for King" and I think "okay, King means D0, so... that's like everywhere in the entire game, and you're asking me to hunt through every single entry - it's like asking me to look for the word "the" in War and Peace!" But in fact you both meant "find the string K-i-n-g, which has four hex values totally different from D0" and it took me a while to realize that.

But once I got past that mental block: Instant results! So thank you both for being patient with me
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