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Post SorKing Table

Okay, I attached the table file. (I had to change it to a .txt file for the attachment window to accept it.)

Let's see, the "code" I used there: Mostly, if it's not an actual character that I can type, it's in parentheses. There's a list of icons with names like (swrd) and (glv) etc.; should be easy enough to figure out. For the quotes, I used _ to indicate which way they're pointing (because they're backwards from what I'd expect, and going 9B9C or 9D9E doesn't make a matching pair). The (up) and (dn) are arrows, as is (>). The tilde (~) indicates a code that produces a block; two tildes is the second type of block. There's a tiny check mark, a tiny E; I put the slash in parentheses because I read somewhere that a plain / symbol indicates a newline or something to some hex editors. The (nl) code is a newline.

There are control codes (or errors of some sort) that close the window immediately; I used ~---~ for these so they'd be obvious in the code. And if there's two question marks after anything, it's because I didn't go back and confirm it (generally because I was testing more than one code at the time).

There's a set of spaces with the code (_) to indicate that they're not the normal space used everywhere, and they're the spot I was thinking might be related to the extra spots in the font area.

Anyway, there you go.
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