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If you want to send me a copy of your table file, I'd be willing to take a look at it and see if I can figure anything out in relation to the dictionary entries.

As for the multiple codes that appear to do the same thing... It's possible that there are minor differences that you haven't encountered yet. Maybe each one triggers something different in regards to music or portraits or any number of things that might not be present at the beginning of the game. (For instance, one RPG that I've done some preliminary hacking on contains like a dozen portraits of each character, each depicting a different mood, and there are a dozen different control codes that cause their name and one of the 12 portraits to appear.) Then again, it may not mean anything at all. (See previous reference to game programmers and crack cocaine.) At any rate, I would recommend staying with the lowest value byte until you determine what the differences (if any) are, since the lowest numbered byte is the one most likely to be "normal" if the other values do trigger some sort of change.

Not entirely sure what you're referring to about the bit that looks "a little more organized" but keep in mind that just because (for example) A=41, not all bytes with the value of 41 are going to be printing out the letter A. It's entirely common to see a spot in a ROM that says ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ in the text area, simply because some bit of data happens to have all of the values in a row. This may or may not mean anything at all. (Think about it this way... if there was a graphic that happened to take up the exact same dimensions as your alphabet, and said graphic happened to be in the same area of memory when loaded, the location where the layout of that graphic is stored in the ROM would look like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ in the text area.)

And as for the level of response... I have a tendency towards teaching, so when someone has intelligent questions and shows initiative learning, I'm more than happy to offer as much help as possible. (Plus, if you become a master ROM hacker and decide to venture into the realm of Japanese-to-English translation, maybe you'll pick up one of the games I'm too lazy to do and then I can just play the thing instead. )
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