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Post Next step...

That would definitely be useful. Sometimes it's very hard to catch a little mistake in what you're trying to do, a little way in which you misunderstood the directions. I encountered similar stuff when I tutored VB, and ended up writing a "Common Errors in Visual Basic" to pass out (in part because it seems that the teachers never approached troubleshooting until it was past the point you really needed it).

At any rate, thanks for the compliment! I'm trying hard to do this mostly on my own, because it's fun to stretch my limits a little, but it's also nice to be able to get as much personal help as I've been getting here. I have to tell you, I wasn't at all expecting this level of response.

So, what I've uncovered so far:

1. The entire table, at least for chat windows.

Interesting thing here: 02, 03, and 04 are the names of the other characters you encounter; 01, 05, and 06 are all codes for NAME (whatever name you put in for the character). Why there are three separate codes for this kind of mystifies me.

Then, code 08 says "Squire," but given the way this is used in the text, I'm assuming it gets overwritten with later titles. Otherwise "You're only a Squire, whereas I'm a Knight" and later "You really are a Squire now? How did you manage to get that high?" kind of comments don't make any sense.

I've found three codes (17, 18, 19) to pause the text for a short time before printing the next part. Again, the three-codes part mystifies me, but it's useful to have this code available. I even confirmed this usage by finding it in spots that I recall to have this kind of pausing.

Other than that:

1. A giant block that appears to contain all the text in the game, character by character.

2. A spot, roughly from 000EECD0 to 000EF140, which looks interesting because it seems a little more organized, like there's part of an alphabet there. I plan to look at this a little closer soon.

Aside from that specific section, I haven't found anything that looks like the dictionary I'm expecting to find. So I wanted to run my expectations by you to see if I'm even close.

I was expecting something like this:

Astina A st in a
Elrad E l r a d
Midi M i d i
Squire S q u i re
King K in g
monster m on st er

...that is, having the code for the full word, and then the code for the individual parts, in close proximity, and in order.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?
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