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I somewhat agree and disagree with what was stated about level editors. While it's true, the more easier to use editors are often used by people that really don't know how to hack. On the other hand, I'd rather use a level editor as it's way less tedious than editing via a hex editor, or dealing with compression, etc. When there are times when I would rather concentrate on the design, than the technical aspects of the ROM.

Also, some people consider cheat codes as not hacking. I mostly disagree with that statement and opinion. For example, NES Game Genie codes. Yes, you probably could enter in random letters/numbers and even modify existing codes using letters. However, this method tends to be unreliable with various side effects.

So, that being said, you really have to hack a game in order to make decent cheat codes. I've made a number of them myself and have done minor ASM hacks in order to make sure that said codes work and only apply to a certain bank(s).

I've been around for along time, and I know all about the division and difference of opinion between the hacking community and the translation hacking community. For as long as I can remember, other hackers really haven't gotten the respect that they deserve until the last few years.

Noted that NESticle pattern table editing doesn't take much skill, but is still an aid to help people edit games. So, you could say that NESticle more or less is accessable to hackers both skilled and unskilled alike. Just like level editors would be.

I myself, I do a broad variety of game hacking, on a few systems, but mostly NES/Famicom type games. I find merit in each of these things that I do.
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