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Originally Posted by k0k0them0nkey View Post
Very true. When using a level editor, you're definitely not hacking. But then again, it could go deeper. If you're using a hex editor someone else that hacking? You're relying on an editor that someone else programmed.
The difference between using a hex editor and using a level editor is that a hex editor doesn't actually know how the file you're editing works, whereas a level editor does. So to use a hex editor, you're still hacking because you're figuring out how the file you're hex editing is built. Of course, if you were given a bookmark file for a particular file (or were following a ROM map) then editing the hex under those circumstances wouldn't qualify as hacking either, because you're not trying to figure anything out.

I think a good analogy is this: Knowing how to mix particular chemicals together with pigments to form paint doesn't make you an artist. Knowing how to apply paint to a canvas to form a beautiful portrait doesn't make you a scientist. One can certainly be both, but most aren't.
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