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Default Re: Game Music Conversion

> And they are inaccurate.

How do you figure? Granted... I don't really know that much about the GYM format... but I was under the impression that GYMs were just logs of which apu registers are written to and when. The only way I could see that being inaccurate is if the emulator used to log the GYM logged it poorly. I find it much more likely that it's the GYM players which are inaccurate and not the gym files themselves.

But like I said, I know little about the gym format... so you could very well be right. Perhaps you could explain why gym files are inaccurate and sort of clear up my understanding of gyms.

I'm all for ripped formats though. Logged formats are too clunky and lack looping.

I would even love a ripped SNES format to replace SPC dumps. SPCs are rather inflated when you consider that a single song is 64k. I mean the entire FF3us soundtrack is ~4.72 MB and the entire FF7 psf soundtrack is ~821 K. Not to mention not all games are compatible with a dumpable format (Kirby's Superstar)... and some games just don't seem to work as SPCs (DQ1+2 remix). And dumps often have starting time issues. But I doubt that'll ever happen due to SPC's popularity.

So yeah... rips all the way.

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