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Default Re: Game Music Conversion

> Any programs out there that allow for the conversion of SNES
> music (.SPC), Genesis music (.GYM), or GBA music to MP3s?

haw! I'm doing that right now. OK, here's what you do

Step 1. download winamp (If you don't have it already... which is doubtful)

Step 2. find a game music plugin for the certain game music format to want to convert to MP3 (I know there's an SPC one, but I'm not too sure about GYM and there isn't a sound format for GBA, yet. You will have to log to WAV in VisualBoyAdvance(correct me if I'm wrong on that one))

step 3. find the LAME output plugin on winamps' website (not too hard, just do a search for "LAME") and download/install it

step 4. Open up winamp and press CTRL + P to bring up your preferences. From there, go to output and select LAme output plugin and click configure... then set your encoding preferences)

step 5. Make a playlist of the songs you want to encode and press play

there, you're done<img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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